eVerifier Privacy Policy


eVerifier takes the privacy of our website visitors and users seriously. We will never sell, share, rent, trade, or give in any other way to any third party any data, except in the narrow situations described in this document. This policy of not divulging data to third parties applies to verified email addresses as well.

With the exceptions outlined below, eVerifier does not use or keep email addresses that you verify.

This privacy policy describes how we deal with the data we receive. By using the eVerifier website and email verification service you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this privacy policy, and by our Terms and Conditions.

It should be noted that this privacy policy only applies to services supplied by eVerifier. Other websites and services may put cookies or files on your computer, or access other data. You should check the privacy policy documents of those websites to find out how they use that data.

eVerifier does collect aggregated statistics. We use this information for research purposes.

Your Account and Interactions With eVerifier

To use eVerifier you have to create an account which involves providing your name, email address, and password. This information is stored on the eVerifier secure servers, and we use it to identify you when you log into your account.

You are responsible for keeping your password confidential.

If you request technical support to help you use the eVerifier service, you may be asked to provide information to the technical support team. This includes things like your name and email address, but might also include details of your computer or software. This information is used for technical support purposes only.

Anything that you post on eVerifier forums or blogs is publicly visible so can be accessed by third parties. You are solely responsible for the information that you publish on eVerifier forums or blogs. Inappropriate use of our forums or blogs may, under our Terms and Conditions, result in account termination.

Other Information We Collect, and How We Use It

Additional data that we may collect includes:

Your IP address Date and time information Verification metadata and audit date

Verification metadata and audit data refers to our email verification service, and is essential to the delivery of the eVerifier service. Verification metadata are the encrypted email addresses sent to us to verify. Verification audit data is the result of that verification, and the date and time that it was completed. This information is kept for 90 days on an encrypted server.

Cookies and Log Files

eVerifier uses cookies, but we never use them to store information or data that could lead to personal identification. We use two different types of cookie. The first is a session cookie which is used when you first sign up for your account. This cookie is destroyed within a few hours. The other type of cookie is a persistent cookie. It is used whenever you check the box to keep you logged in to your account.

eVerifier uses Google Analytics, which is a website statistics and analytics service provided by Google. Google Analytics also puts cookies on your computer. This allows Google Analytics to analyze how users find, interact with, and use the website. eVerifier uses this information to analyze trends and improve the website. Google may use the information to create reports on Internet usage and trends. The information cannot be used to personally identify you.

To stop cookies from all websites, including eVerifier, you can disable them in your browser. You might not be able to use all of eVerifier's features and functions if you disable cookies.

The eVerifier website also generates log files in a way that is standard with the vast majority of websites on the Internet. The information contained in these log files includes IP addresses, browser type details, ISPs, referring URLs, exit URLs, operating systems, date and time stamps, and more. None of the information in log files can be used to identify individuals. It is used to analyze, administer, and improve the website.

Data Sharing

eVerifier will not share or disclose any of the data or information that it receives except in the following circumstances:

It is required to do so by law It is a requirement under a legal process such as a warrant, subpoena, or court order Where such disclosure will protect our customers and users Where such disclosure will protect the safety of others, including our customers, users, and employees

eVerifier may not be able to give notice of such disclosures, particularly when prohibited from doing so by law. Giving notice of disclosure is at eVerifier's sole discretion.

In addition, eVerifier may disclose your data or information in the following situations:

To an eVerifier subsidiary or parent company To a service provider to enable them to provide eVerifier with services To an organization that acquires eVerifier

In these situations the type of information that we may disclose includes account data, website log files, and verification metadata and audit data.

Where data is provided to subsidiaries, parent companies, or service providers, those organizations must give assurances that they will only use the data for the purposes for which it was provided.

Additionally, eVerifier collects aggregated statistics for research purposes. This could be about customers, service usage trends, or sales information. This information may be sent to third parties, but it does not include personal information or data that could lead to identification.

Our Communications With You

eVerifier offers a number of opportunities for its users to sign up to its newsletter. This includes opting in to receive the newsletter when you sign up for a new account. In this situation we will use your contact information to send you email communications to help you get the most from your eVerifier account. This will include advice, tips, special offers, and product updates. If you don't want to receive this newsletter you can opt out by clicking on the opt-out link in the newsletter and following the instructions.

From time to time eVerifier may also send you service announcements. These are rare, and include things like maintenance notices. They are informative rather than promotional, so there is no option to opt out. If you don't want to receive these messages, however, you can close your eVerifier account.

Another occasion where we may communicate with you is in response to a customer service request made by you.


eVerifier uses electronic, procedural, and physical security measures to protect the information and data that we receive. The only individuals with access to that information are eVerifier employees and eVerifier service providers. Those people can only use the information in accordance with this privacy policy. Our servers are in the USA. Communications are protected by SSL encryption technology.

The process of verifying emails is typically automated, but there are occasions when eVerifier employees access the data manually. This occurs at the discretion of eVerifier but may include when there is an issue with the verification service, when a customer gives permission, or when required to do so by law.

Personal Information of Children

eVerifier complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. We don't deliberately collect the personal information of children. If a user is found to be under 13, eVerifier does not collect or store any information of that user. If such information has already been received by eVerifier it is securely deleted.


The eVerifier website may contain links to third-party websites. This privacy policy does not govern your use of those websites. You should read the privacy policy of any third-party websites before using them.

Controlling Your Personal Information

If you want access to your personal information, or you want it removed, please email us at info@everifier.org.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy from time to time, and reserve the right to do so. You should visit this page regularly to make sure you are up to date. At our discretion we may also notify you of changes using various methods.

Safe Harbor Framework

eVerifier complies with both the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. It governs how we collect, use, and store information from people in European Union member countries and Sweden. The Safe Harbor Privacy Principles take precedence over this privacy policy.

eVerifier will make you aware of what we are collecting and how we are using it. We never share your personal information with third parties. You will have choice over how we use your personal data, and we only collect the information that we need in order to deliver our service. Your information will not be used for other purposes unless you give us prior consent. We will store your information only for as long as it is needed, and we will take steps to ensure it is accurate. You will always have access to the personal information we hold about you. It is secured through physical, procedural, and electronic measures.

If you are a European Union citizen, or a citizen of Switzerland, and you have a query or complaint about this privacy policy, you should email us at info@everifier.org.

eVerifier is committed to the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Principles independent dispute resolution mechanism. If you are unhappy with the way that we handle your complaint, you should visit www.bbb.org/us/safe-harbor-complaints for details on how you can take your complaint further.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy by sending an email to info@everifier.org.