Anti-Spam Policy

Spam is unsolicited communication, including email. Examples include sending emails to email addresses where there is no prior business relationship, or sending emails to email addresses that have not specifically requested the communication.

eVerifier does not tolerate spam and takes a proactive approach to preventing it. We constantly monitor our email verification service. Whenever we identify actions which are consistent with spam, we terminate that user's account. This includes verifying emails on lists where the recipient has not opted in.

By using our services you must agree to our anti-spam policy. That includes only verifying emails that have opted in to receive communications specifically from you.

For information purposes, opt-ins can take many forms. They include sign up forms on websites, during an online transaction, or on a form or document that is completed offline.

The owner of the email address must opt in to your list. That means you cannot purchase email lists and use them on the eVerifier service. This is a blanket policy and covers all purchased lists, whatever the source, method of opt-in, or status.

For further clarification, here are some of the circumstances where it is NOT permissible to use any eVerifier service:

On lists or email addresses that are scrapped, harvested, or copied from other websites and sources On purchased lists, including on purchased lists that include an opt-in On lists created, or email addresses obtained, through directory harvesting (a technique used to guess email addresses on a particular domain) On lists created, or email addresses obtained, through email appending (a process that typically involves merging databases in order to connect user data and match/identify email addresses) On lists or email addresses obtained without the owner's permission, or where the owner has not opted in to specifically receive communication by email from you

Here are examples of circumstances where it IS permissible to use eVerifier services:

When the owners of the email addresses on your list have opted in to specifically receive emails from you Email addresses supplied to you when users sign up to your service or process a transaction

Complaint Handling

If we discover that you are verifying emails that have not been properly obtained, your account will be terminated immediately. This action will be taken at our sole discretion, and without prior warning. You may also incur a charge of USD $100 for each confirmed breach of our service and anti-spam policy.

We identify spam practices by reviewing verifications and patterns of use on our system that are consistent with verifying lists and email addresses that were not properly obtained.

We also take prompt action whenever spam activity is reported to us. If you suspect non-opted-in emails are being processed through our system, or any other activity which might be considered as spam, please contact us at If you are an ISP, or you administer an email blacklist, you can also contact us at that address. Please provide as much information as possible, including complete SMTP logs. This will help us take immediate and appropriate action to prevent future abuse of our services.

eVerifier reserves the right to restrict, prevent, or prohibit the use of all or part of its services to any individual or organization, at our sole discretion.