Why it makes good sense to use an email validation service

An email list can be a hugely important element of an online business and many of you will go to great lengths to encourage visitors to your website to give you their email address. The most common way is to offer a discount on a first purchase for signing up to receive a monthly letter or promotional updates. This will add names to your mailing list that either come from purchasers providing you with their email address, those who sign up for promotional details, or from a list of targeted customers you have bought.

What many of you may not understand though, is how important it is that your mailing list be as accurate and ‘clean’ as possible. By clean, we mean free from email addresses that don’t actually exist, that are from closed email accounts, or are people who have not signed up for anything and will therefore see what you send them as spam.

This last point is critical as an alarming number of online businesses are unaware that if too many recipients of online content from you (eShots and emails) report you as having sent them spam, you will likely be blacklisted by certain mailbox providers at worse, or at best have any mail you send out classed as spam which will end up in spam folders rather than prospective/current customers’ inboxes. That’s not exactly ideal for them, and disastrous for your business.

However, spam is just one element of why you should have a clean mailing list and why using an email validation service makes a great deal of sense. We have already covered your email sender reputation in a previous article, so here we really want to concentrate on the people (if they exist) behind an email address.

Let’s have a look at the people you are targeting with a newsletter or email campaign. For those who have previously purchased a product(s) from you, you know what they want, what they like, and what they are most likely to respond to in a positive manner. However, if all you have to go on is an email address for someone, then you have no idea who you are sending your email or promotional letter to.

While it is easy to adopt the attitude of “well it didn’t cost me any more to send an email to 10,000 people as opposed to 5,000 people”, it may not cost you more money initially, but it will cost you money in the long run. The main reason is because whenever you carry out an email campaign or promotion, you want to be able to accurately analyze the results. However, how can you analyze results successfully if you don’t have any idea what lies behind the lack of response from the number of people who do not respond positively?

Let’s say that because of ‘fat fingers’ 10 % of people who sign up for your promotions have provided their email address incorrectly. Then,  let’s say that you have been running your email list for more than a year. A good number of people may have given you their work email address and they’ve moved jobs, so that email account is closed. These two elements can affect your ‘bounce rate’, which you want as low as possible to keep mailbox providers happy.

Then there are names on that email list from people who didn’t subscribe to anything but have found their way onto it through your ‘careful’ purchasing of an email list. If you take 5% for this number, then you can say that 20% of your email list is worthless and will skew any analysis you make of any marketing promotions. You should also know that it is an industry-accepted fact that there is a 2% monthly decay rate for mailing lists.

Poor results from a mailshot may have you looking at your pricing, products, the message being sent, or the way you deliver a promotional campaign, when actually, the only thing that is wrong, is that your mailing list needs cleaning up.

Finally, wouldn’t it be great to know more about the people behind an email address so that you had greater confidence the people you were promoting products or services to were the right people? Yes, with an email verification service you can even get your email list split up into various demographics. In so doing, your email list just became ten times more powerful and you can be more confident that time spent promoting your products or services to people is going to be time well spent.

To find out more about a service that more and more businesses are turning to, make sure you get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

Published: 2017-08-02 00:00:00